Our mission statement:

To provide high quality, bilingual, childcare to children of 0-6 years of age.

Aims & Objectives

Our foremost priority is the happiness and welfare of your child. To achieve this we offer a kind, caring and fun environment for your child to thrive in. Every child is an individual and will be treated as such.

Our curriculum has been meticulously planned to offer balance in both Spanish and English languages whilst also considering you childs developmental needs and stages. We are however flexible so the curriculum is subject to change if we feel it can be improved.

Each group will have its own weekly curriculum which will be published on the website and in reception on the Parents´ noticeboard. We will also have a calendar of events which will incorporate themes for the week or any celebrations of cultural importance. We will give you notice if we require you to bring anything in to enhance activities planned for these occasions.

Our emphasis will be on your child´s physical, emotional, social, cultural and intellectual development. Your child will be encouraged through play to explore their environment, use their imagination, learn how to take turns, build confidence and self-esteem and above all enjoy their activities. All of this will prepare them for their school life.

Our facilities

Our amazing local is within easy access of all the villages in the local area on the road from Buzanada to Valle San Lorenzo. It is only 10 minutes from Los Cristianos and 15 minutes from Las Americas. It boasted 200 sq metres floor space inside which is bright and airy and a fantastic outside play area of another 200 sq metres at the back of the building.

Opening Hours - Except Fiestas/Bank Holidays

Monday to Friday

7.30am to 7.00pm

We can accommodate you outside of these hours and on Saturdays/Fiestas by prior arrangement. They are not included in the tariffs listed. If you are late to collect your child for any reason please let the nursery know as soon as possible. If your child is going to be absent i.e holidays, dentist, doctors please let us know as early as possible. If they are sick please call the nursery on that day or as early as you know they will not be attending.


We can offer Full time, part time mornings/afternoons or a mixture, flexitime, ad-hoc and care by the hour. We have compiled our pricelist around the number of hours you require per week. We understand that this can be subject to change and we can accommodate this. What we do ask to assist with our staffing rota is you inform us of any changes by the Friday of the previous week so we can amend our staff rota accordingly.

The prices listed are intended as a guide. We understand that not all family’s schedules work like this so we can offer you a bespoke package depending on your requirements and agreement with the Nursery Manager.


Upon matriculation you will be provided with a nursery starter pack. This will include t-shirts, a carry case and a diary. Please ensure your child wears their Dragonitos t-shirts to nursery. We do not want to be held responsible for clothes being damaged as our curriculum includes lots of activities where this is possible. Please supply a spare set of bottoms in case of any accidents.

Meal and snack times

8.15 – 9.00 Breakfast

10.15-10.45 Mid-morning snack

12.00-12.45 Lunch

3.30-16.00 Tea

Water available all day

We can accommodate the following dietary requirements: Gluten free, Lactose free, Vegan, Vegetarian and diets based on religion and other allergens.

Keyworker system

Once your hours are agreed your child will be assigned a keyworker who matches your child´s hours the closest. They will be responsible for keeping your child´s diaries up to date and are available on request to discuss your child´s progress.

Parental Involvement

We operate a total open- door policy to parents which means you can visit the nursery at anytime without prior agreement. We encourage your involvement and is key to your child settling in successfully. Ultimately, we want your child to enjoy their time with us and to look forward to coming in on their days. We will need your support to achieve this. THIS IS SUBJECT TO US MEETING CURRENT GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES REGARDING COVID 19


Staff will not give any information to parents about another child. This includes any physical incidents i.e biting or hitting. The other child will not be named and the nursery staff will deal with the situation privately with the parents. We ask that parents do not discuss other children on the nursery premises and to respect this policy with all our staff.

Notice of Withdrawal

We will require at least one month´s notice in writing if you are withdrawing your child or reducing your hours by over 10 per week.

Room Organisation

The nursery is divided into 3 rooms:

Bebes/Babies 0-12 Months old (or when walking)

Infantil/Toddlers 12 months – 2 years

Pre-school 2 years upwards

Your child will be placed into a group according to their age, but this may be subject to change depending on the needs of each child.

Behaviour management

No member of staff may smack or shout at a child. Our policy is of positive reinforcement and we ask that parent´s adhere to this whilst on the school premises. You will be notified by your key worker if we have any behavioural concerns which is normally very rare.

Equal Opportunities

We will operate as an equal opportunities’ employer and environment. Children will be encouraged to embrace this and parents are expected to adhere to this policy as well. Please see details on the policies page.


Whilst are staff are highly trained with many years of experience, we are always open to parents´ suggestions on how we can improve our service and environment. A suggestions box with be placed in Reception and parents´ can contribute to this anonymously if preferred.


We take security and keeping your child safe at the nursery very seriously. We ask parents to please cooperate with our security policy around collection times and who will be collecting your child. The nursery will also have a collection of cameras which will enhance this. Please bear with us in your early time with us while we are getting to know all our families. Until all the staff know your family, we will operate a random security check before we will release your child.

Above all we can´t wait to meet you and your family